Monday, March 6, 2017

AIG Insurance, like cancer jindanbi boheomga 50% deposit guarantees

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] AIG General Insurance is a wide range of cancers guarantees, as well as similar cancer 'Non - par reputable AIG cancer insurance "enhanced jindanbi ensure the industry's highest levels are similar, such as thyroid cancer and other cancer, borderline tumor, place cancers jindanbi 50% of the industry's highest level of insured amount, is characterized by ensuring maximum up to 1500 yuan.

When various general cancer diagnosis, 100% of the insured amount, the insured up to a maximum of 3000 million.

For similar cancer screening and surgery, and despite continued treatment and the cost is high, arising therefrom incidental expenses, such as due to illness leave for managing common cancer insurance products are 10-20% of the subscription price of the similar cancer but are paid. In "Non - par reputable AIG insurance arm, has enabled customers to a higher guarantee for cancer are similar enough to be prepared like cancer, as well as regular cancer.

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