Monday, March 6, 2017

Dongbu Securities, Bio Health Care Fund thanks

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] had recommended the Dongbu Securities (CEO gowonjong) is the nation's first bio-healthcare sector funds that invested in industry, bio-East Health Care Fund.

Bio domestic healthcare industry is likely to further grow the business, given the aging population, increasing medical costs, the government of the bio-industry development will, compared to developed countries such as low market capitalization. Recently accelerate the expansion of large companies such as Samsung, SK interest in the industry has been heightened.

In particular, Samsung may reap the sinsujong five bio-pharmaceutical business as one of Samsung Cheil Industries' performance in such a meaningful advance in the biosimilar projects through a subsidiary, while the selection of.

The reason is that both the government and companies focused on biotechnology and healthcare industry because it recognizes as a new growth engine to lead the future economy. In the global bio-pharmaceutical market in 2013, according to IMS Health in 2006 and billion is expected CAGR of 11.5% to US $ 3867 billion in 2019 year in dollars, the domestic bio-pharmaceutical market is also at about 12 one trillion 3000 billion in 2013 year 22,000,000,002,017 8000 billion, is expected to grow 15% per year.

Depending on the aging population, the eastern Bio Health Care Fund to continue growing investment in biotechnology and healthcare industries are expected specializes in pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, diagnostics, medical devices, cell therapy and various biotechnology, healthcare than 50% invested in stocks that the basic strategy, and depending on market conditions appropriately adjust the proportion of equity and non-bio-bio-healthcare and healthcare stocks manage volatility risk.

In addition, it is likely to be exported technology to multinationals, and is a fund that holds a solid cash flow while seeking to actively incorporated into the company, including continued investments in drug development portfolio growth as well as stability.

Companies in the biotechnology industry will usually takes 20-10 to develop new drugs and new drug does not take a long time when you successfully secured a return on investment, the development period. Most biotechnology companies are but a negligible performance before the development of new drugs often switch to a huge surplus now after the successful development of new drugs.

Dongbu Securities said, "there are cases Bio Health growth of the care industry has agreed, but the judgment about whether to buy some shares when reluctant to invest very difficult" and "private investors is to choose to invest directly events may be higher investment risk because professional investors, it is desirable to sign up to distribute the funds to invest in low-priced stocks, "he said.

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