Monday, March 6, 2017

Having drawn Morning 'new model' spark 'race

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is running CHORUS beyond January first introduced the all-new morning cruise, including all-new style and new Korando C Morning of only passing lanes.

The all-new cruise (the cruise) is a mere quality defects in this punctuated jimyeo into the opening closed style New Korando C is also competing vehicles sold half.

◇ New Morning, February sales up 3 sinbaram

Last January 17, Kia Motors has unveiled morning towards the 'top selling compact cars' recapture naejun in nine years embarked on rapid gallop. In particular, last month was followed by Granger (10 913), Elantra (7353) records the current top three cars sold in the market in the country. According to Kia Morning month 6156 sales price and increased sales last month (5523) compared to 11.46% (633). Kia sold most of the commercially available 14 kinds.

Kia officials "took the morning Kia's monthly best-selling model in just preceded a new car two months released if the" "last month, domestic sales have had record 9158 10 003 in January had sales of launched new morning the sunshine," said he explained.

Last year, while light vehicle sales climbed over one Chevrolet Spark represents sales of more than 4000 last month showed sales declines this year. Chevrolet dropped 8.73 percent in February 3950 than the previous month price palrimyeo (4328) (378). GM Bureau official said, "The last spark achieved first place in the domestic light vehicle sales last month, the market price is 3950 has maintained a monthly average sales of the 4000 Women's University," he said.

◇ all-new Korando C · cruise, car chase competition fails

Unlike Morning Elantra and Tucson, the Sportage declared the pursuit Cruz and Korando C is a look at some Butch force. Ssangyong Korando C is a chanted the slogan 'first SUV of my family' cause a blast from the C-segment (mid-size, junjunghyeong) with Tivoli getdamyeo launched this year the first car.

First Korando C will cost 801 were sold last month. MoM (669) compared to 19.73% (132) had an increase in sales figures, a comparison with competing models of Tucson (3156), Sportage (2923), only a third of sales.

For cruise (February 6 sales) was a factory smoke takes a brake on quality issues. This was not at all helpful in increasing domestic sales in Korea GM.

Cruise dwaeteumyeo quality issues raised such as production stopped last month by the airbag component problems, GM Korea had stopped the production of the front and India, and embark on exhaustive quality tests. As a result, GM Korea is the situation of the Indian customers postpone the cruise this month.

Dale Sullivan (Dale Sullivan) maintain South Korea, GM sales · A / S · marketing vice president, "despite the customer, India postponed the cruise, sparks, Malibu, Trax sold such positive results and to achieve a solid performance last month in the domestic market could be, "said" South Korea this year, GM expects to set a new milestone in this yieoganeun the positive momentum the other hand, the domestic market based on the new car, and an aggressive marketing campaign and excellent customer service at competitive, "he said.

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