Monday, March 6, 2017

IBK Investment & Securities, VC foster new technologies, crowding Investment Fund

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] IBK Investment & Securities Division cited venture capital (VC) this year to develop strategic tasks. As part of a plan to promote the expansion, including new business and new technology enable crowdfunding type securities investment partnerships to strengthen SMEs role.

Securities type Crowdfunding is one of the earliest enterprises support policies that require financing in venture, growth accelerated period of start-up companies. IBK Investment & Securities plans to focus on securing and expanding demand and supply based crowdfunding to respond to promising companies rely enable excavation of the financial authorities and investors.

As a method for discovering promising companies is pursuing collaborations as industrial parks Management Corporation, Korea M & A and business center as well as the collaboration of the banks. In addition, IBK Investment & Securities also said that expanding collaboration for investors to secure full and Korea angel investment association.

And focusing on SME support through a combination of new technology investments. With the new technology brokerage business conditions in the banking gyeomeop allowed to enter the traditional VC business area it was formed through the combination of investment form. IBK Investment & Securities has established a Bar last August technologies financiers December after registration of the first medium-term securities firms specializing in 'Value-up mid-specific technology solutions Investment Fund No. 1 "(90 million).

Sin Seong-ho, president of IBK Investment & Securities said, "expand the scale and promising future combined company will build excavation, investment and reinvestment virtuous cycle as possible while increasing the return on your investment through a number of successful" in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo.

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