Monday, March 6, 2017

KB Insurance 'non-caustic, ensuring excellent comprehensive health insurance

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] KB casualty insurance this year, the first new product showcase geodumyeo the 'KB The Dream 365 health insurance' initial premium of 11.4 billion won and insurance contracts 18 000 condition of horses based on 1 become sensational popularity is.

'KB The Dream 365 health insurance' is differentiated from other products in the first period guarantee. It can be up to 20 years without maintenance contract for 20 years to raise premiums due to update-type products, and after 20 years it is possible to ensure through the renewal for up to 110 years old.

Existing health insurance was a burden to have to pay more premiums early to get guaranteed up to 110 years old. On the other hand, this product can be utilized also as a guarantee premium is preserved while significantly reducing the burden of payment on the initial 110 years old due course, if the product against affordable premiums paid to the insurance goal and earn money funds, such as contrast or renewal. This product is equipped to provide a wide variety of collateral like a product guarantee comprehensive health insurance. In particular, depending on the severity of the disease is characterized by a customer to take advantage of ganbyeongbi and income replacement funds. Equipped with the industry's first mortgage, such as surgery and step-by-step disease jindanbi reflects the depth of the disease, depending on the disease level to ensure that it was properly and reasonably possible. The newly developed surgery mortgage collateral was composed of three phases of life from disease, renal surgery specific disease surgery, surgery five institutions.

Jindanbi stage disease have also reflect the depth is guaranteed to come true, depending on the state of the disease.

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