Thursday, March 9, 2017

KEB, Hana Bank, affordable "family care trusts' product launch

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) a person died when the family funeral, tax, entry-level inheritance trust products' KEB single family care trust "that can handle rapid debt repayment etc. 9 days without pay It announces.

Flow with the times that aging is intensifying, it is characterized primarily designed to help high net worth individuals can feel free to everyone, unlike the low-end market with products tailored inherit trust that subscribe to solve their problems with the existing post.

When KEB one makes through banks Family Care Trust Trust the cash assets, including your own post-funeral expenses to the bank in advance specifying the attribution owners, the bank trusts to quickly attributed the owner, without going through a separate inheritance division agreement upon your death the money can be paid to the property.

If you order a financial asset processing of my post need consultation with the visit of the heir to power Funeral, struggling to rush the cost treatment of taxes, debt, etc. are but common, if you take advantage of the KEB single family care trusts can avoid them in advance .

This not only reduces the financial burden of families can be expected to reduce the conflict between the children post-processing cost sharing. Attributable owners are the heirs receive the trust funds, as well as post-subscriber may set up individual or organization you can trust.

KEB single family care trusts can be selected during the deposit type and a monthly payment type, in the case of a deposit type can sign up from 1 gyejwadang minimum 5 million won of up to 50 million won and monthly payment type, and available from the lowest ₩ 10,000 were less burden on subscribers . Payment period of monthly payment type is given the person's age, it is possible to freely set.

Also, in addition to simply paying the basic trust assets attributable to the owners can choose to add funeral service that can handle the funeral arrangements through a funeral company affiliated with banks and post your increased convenience.

In addition to the funeral service it will offer a variety of services, such as inheritance and tax consulting services to support the process of inheritance heir and the deceased leaves a legacy cleanup service maintenance of law, inheritance, property division.

KEB, Hana Bank gimgwangsik trust manager is "time released a mainstream family care trust of the existing living trust, dementia assured trusts, adult and juvenile guardianship support trusts such as inheritance worry resolution of seniors with personalized trust, as well as a relatively young generations sudden Yugoslavia the issue is also expected to be thin due to the conversion of recognition in case, "said the background of the product launch.

In 2010, the financial sector first will substitute trusts and 2016 Alzheimer's relieved, KEB, Hana Bank who has launched the adult guardianship support trust is through this entry-level trust products continue the partnership role to resolve the various forms of family problems and concerns of the social hierarchy Is expected.

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