Monday, March 6, 2017

Kiwoom 18% Global Asset Allocation Fund Lab Revenue

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] There are products that difficult these days to find a low interest rate era dokyacheongcheong alone worthy investment. The 'Global Asset Allocation Fund Lab's Kiwoom. This product is the last year the rate of return has exceeded 21 days last month, 18.6% of pre-tax basis. Sitting with the bank deposit interest rates down to 1% for a score to compare itself to be colorless.

Global Asset Allocation Fund Wrap "is a global asset allocation algorithms and fund investors contact a professional flooring excellent fund selection expertise of the Kiwoom were combined. The wrap account products that specialize in products that operate with unyongyeok involved with the fund advisor composed of experts the best global asset allocation portfolio.

This is an investment adviser robotic algorithms take advantage of the latest financial engineering models for sophisticated asset allocation applies to both developed and emerging market equity and bond funds, real estate, commodities, etc. Choose the appropriate product from the funds of many investors, and not easy to respond to market fluctuations. If the fund wrap products because there is no need to choose your own investment funds is possible only join a global diversification and rebalancing that is the biggest advantage of this product

Kiwoom Minseok main investment solutions team leader should look for future investment solutions in the global asset allocation because it is difficult to obtain a "low interest rates in the financial markets, slow growth and 3 used (3 重 苦) focused not satisfactory and only domestic assets by aging "and" this product increases the expected return to expand its investments globally, can reduce the risk by diversification, particularly the minimum subscription amount is one million won and lab management fees also cheap pyeonyira even small investors easy access to asset management to open 1% can receive the service, "he explained.

Global Asset Allocation Fund Wrap "Return aerial Kiwoom background is applied to the asset allocation algorithm in the same manner that the march ISA 'primary investment type (Ultra High Risk), has recently published a KOFIA full 201 one end of the reference in the ISA interoperability and presentation one of the products has won the bar two months consecutive. The accumulated know-how of Kiwoom was focused on building a corporate-wide competency asset allocation algorithm over the past few years has put the tangible results. This product can cause a loss of principal according to management.

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