Monday, March 6, 2017

KTB Investment & Securities, Alternative Investments specializes in renewable energy, real estate

[Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporter] KTB Investment & Securities sitneunda force this year IB sector development. Last year, KTB Investment & Securities posted a profit in the alternative investment sector ssolssolhan is pushing the department personnel reinforcement and new markets strategically.

Last year, KTB Investment & Securities had won a total of $ 172 million in size in just over six months in the aircraft financing deal. In addition, the Group was active in the overall market in alternative investment assets of the various renewable energy overseas, overseas real estate. For the renewable energy sector has a bar, increase the revenue of the new IB sector by 15% over existing deals revenue solar power projects, biomass projects in Europe.

This year we chose to focus on business development division IB. KTB Investment & Securities said, "this year plans to IB sector workforce increased by about 20% from the current 91 people," said, "strengthening the alternative investment sector and foreign bank-backed ABCP, local special projects, real estate NPL new markets, etc. and by seeking to expand the customer base, "he said.

In the retail sector it has focused for online customer acquisition and consolidation. Through a targeted advertisement via social network services (SNS) it has focused on improving the level of customer exposure KTB Investment & Securities. In addition, it provides exceptional benefits to the people who first commission. Non-face-to-face account opening to spur non-face-to-face on the belief that the account until the end of the year 10 000 (MS 1%) increase in goal.

Last February 9 KTB Investment & Securities unveiled a renewed MTS 'Bingo Plus. That improve the design and user interface (UI) · User Experience (UX) in the existing MTS, it took a lot of balls to increase customer satisfaction to receive external consulting is the back door.

Meanwhile, KTB Investment & Securities makes its synergy among affiliates with the securities business as a management priority. The KTB Asset Management was reinforced the attraction of alternative investments in overseas real estate and infrastructure. Bars are showing tangible results, such as that already invest in the New York Marriott invest 1,090 billion in November. KTB Asset Management plans to continue to expand the size of overseas property investment fund to start this thing.

In addition, KTB Venture Capital financial group in the new KTB Network has successfully organized last December by the scale of 154.2 billion KTBN 11 call-China Fund and Synergy has demonstrated its presence in the venture market.

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