Monday, March 6, 2017

Meritz, non-life insurance industry's first 'low-termination non-refundable cancellation'

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Meritz existing health insurance more affordable premiums by up to 20% today introduced the (non) Meritz The Frugal Health Insurance 1607 ".

But it will pay a lot less leverage to terminate refunds in life insurance premiums restricted to traditionally lower guaranteed death as "low-termination non-refundable termination 'structure of the introduction of the first period, Meritz Fire Insurance Health insurance industry. It applies both to lower premiums for the various mortgage guarantee survival, particularly consumer needs with high jindanbi Up, treatment, hospitalization, this product is the first day.

This product is guaranteed for three and diseases such as cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction in the basic agreement, may choose only guarantee required by the customer among the basic agreement. In addition, operating the industry's highest level of premiums paid-off system, which receive three diseases diagnosed as exempt from premium payments to the future when more than 50% sequela - related disability caused by injury or disease. Join age is from 0 to 65 years maturity kkajida 100 years old.

Of the premium payment period cancellation refund of 50% payment type, termination of rebates accrued type, you can select the standard, the standard against cancellation refund of 50% payment type is 8-10%, cancellation refunds payable-type is affordable is 19 ~ 20% premium . After the completion of premium payment period you may receive the same refund and revoke the existing products.

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