Monday, March 6, 2017

Nolan Beauty in China, the Middle East and Europe

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] are cosmetic industry is scrambling to actively expand into new markets while visualizing economic retaliation the Chinese authorities, according to Saad placement decisions.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Cosmetics exports in 2016 it will reach 4.1 billion to $ 83.3 million. Among the Chinese market accounted for 37.5% of total exports 1.5 billion to $ 70,270,000. So China is the most important market in the cosmetics industry.

Since last July determined the layout of the Korean Peninsula, China has shown Saad Wave movement ban. This year from January to February, China has refused to charter flights to South Korea South Korea ahead of November, brands, celebrities South Korea banned models with a spiral products, Korea landmark buildings including the ad also aired the front.

Cosmetics industry has also failed to escape the revenge Saad. In December last year, a list of rejected imported cosmetics and food, China Quality Supervision Inspection Quarantine Administration (DG jilgeom) 19 of 68 cosmetic items not received the import license dog was found to be of Korean cosmetics.

The reason superficial is authorized its cosmetic quality is inadequate or sanitary registration certificate Not submitted, including China Cosmetic Regulations (cosmetics safety technology standards) to yeoteuna measures according to the violation, the industry has recently associated with income disallowance of Korean cosmetics in China, "Saad Deployment Issues the quarantine procedures on the Korean cosmetics became more stringent after the surfaced "is a admission.

Actual January 7th China to see state media environment Old Town "Korea government has underestimated Saad public opinion in China Chinese tourists looking for a department store in Seoul, has an identity" and "Chinese citizens have a clear stance on the Korean Peninsula situation, they Korea seondamyeon said that the US side would not want to sacrifice the national interest because Korea cosmetics. "

No. 1 industry Amore Pacific Group is promoting new growth in the 'Middle East' markets to overcome the displacement phenomenon for China (對). Amore Pacific has entered into a partnership with the Middle East in January largest distribution company Al syaya group shot a flare in the Middle East market. China's aspirations as well as a commitment to connect Asian Beauty Road leading to Southeast Asia and India, the Middle East and Europe.

Amore Pacific for many years in order to review the feasibility study for the Middle East market together with local experts has been dispatched 'Hyecho' major cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Istanbul Middle East. Especially the Middle East is to develop the field of fragrances and shades, Amore Pacific has determined that the strength of color cosmetics Etude House is ideal to visit the Middle East captivate consumers.

Middle Eastern women spend a cloak of headscarf that covers the whole body. Demand for eyeliner body parts exposed only to create an intense and brilliant eyes because the eye and eye shadow, mascara product is the description of the industry is very high.

Etude House AMOREPACIFIC launched the first store in Dubai in the second half of 2017, and the next weights, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, just five plans to expand the store.

In the case of LG Household & Health Care naedineotda earlier than a foot in the Middle East. LG H & H started the 'The Face Shop' to enter Jordan in 2006 and currently operates 64 stores in six Middle Eastern countries. LG H & H plans to accelerate store openings this year's market diversification TheFaceShop in Qatar and Kuwait and elsewhere.

In addition to Amore Pacific and LG Household & Health Care Skin Heights, a Tony Mori is busy finding the 'China Post'.

TONY MOLY is caught momentum in Europe, called the attack the home of the world cosmetics market. TONY MOLY last May has won a European neighbor South Korea's first cosmetics brand Sephora stores around. This is a very unusual expansion will add a "Hue lines' in this year's Tony Mori Sephora.

TONY MOLY products have gained popularity in Europe, plus affordable skincare and fun elements. "Dream of Panda boasts a cute package with excellent balsaekryeok, the mini-size fits in your pocket and make-up line" Hello Bunny Perfume Bar "in the domestic product gained high popularity was neighbor to Sephora.

Hue products are new additions this year will be on display alongside gotta make a hue-store sales and Forever, and global beauty brand Bobbi Brown.

It 's skins pour a force to attack Japan. It 's skin was opened last month, 18 days' Shin-Okubo first store, exclusive rodeusyop the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo Shin-Okubo Korean streets. This is a result of the Japanese cosmetics market 10 years, it 's skin after the United States that China is planning its position as chopped in advance of Japan's global brand. " Sesame products are sold line wedding dress line, such as 450 kinds of 10 power, including the Prestige line.

After placing Saad announced the 'small beauty companies, also deulyigo the ball on market diversification.

Spa care brand Clinique, Max will enter the Japanese market with anti-aging products, lifting Thermage stick. Max Clinic proceeded to launch broadcasting in October last year, Japan's largest home shopping channel in the sign shop products. Record sales of more than 220% compared to the target was first broadcast in Korea product is exceptionally proceed to 4-5 cars encore broadcasts. Endo also Derma naesewo the 'Endo Micro Skin patch' and complete the official registration cosmetics approval from the Japanese government jumps into the Japanese market.

Beauty cosmetics industry in the global market entry regulations are demanding that Japan sees the 'benefits'. Japan explained that the approval is also favorable marketing authorization in other countries.

Industry insiders, "is expected to be negotiated, contract also resilient for approval in other countries, with the permission of Japan", "Japan's cosmetics screening and registration process is a difficult country ropgo very difficult," said he said.

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