Monday, March 6, 2017

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, guarantees history re-examine every refund '15

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] 'healthy gathered all' flagship product of Samsung fire deaths, disability, jindanbi, surgery, reimbursement expenses such as health insurance one to Insurance-specific collateral of driver costs, risk of fire, liability in addition to to ensure that all possible integration of insurance products is under constant love Sign up since the last release. This product is characterized in particular be able to receive reimbursement, as well as customer-specific design of flexible financial situation ensured through history re-checked every 15 years.

Samsung Fire & Integrated Insurance "all together healthy 'is basically a death, disability, jindanbi etc., customers want an intensive guarantee of hearty guarantee is possible and economically active time once up to the age of 100 is 60 and 65 years maturity mortgage you can sign up to add.

In addition, it is possible to maintain the contract without premium hikes for 15 years. After 15 years, it is possible to rejoin financial plans tailored to the life cycle ensuring through history re consulting to meet customers' economic situation or that can receive a refund. Injury or disease sequela - related disability over 80% highly disability (grade 1 and 2) functions that occurs when the premium payment exemption was also added.

If one of the insurance period is 2 years after the initial cancer diagnosis from a new scheduling verifications of cancer or cancer metastasis, recurrence of the existing and remaining there was further expanded with cancer, such as ensuring that the payment of re-diagnosed every jindanbi up to 2000 yuan. If surgery to injury or illness, surgery ₩ 200,000 during hospitalization, and outpatient surgery compensated 100,000 won.

There are features and benefits of unified million Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. When customers reserve the expiration or termination of the contract by switching to the accumulated savings insurance received during the payment period it can be divided annually or monthly.

In addition, if the goods Funeral services, home care services and care services, including car a certain condition is met, add an additional service benefits to customers increased convenience.

Samsung fire official said, "It's all collected in health 'is package the various guarantees and benefits as the flagship product of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance launched the industry's first integrated for optimum custom consulting the customer wants."

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